Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Faith Removes Limitations

Have you ever daydreamed about how your perfect life would be?  You dream of the big house, flashy cars, and the ideal job and then someone interrupts and you are brought back to reality.  If you truly desire and have faith you can attain these things, all these dreams can be made possible.  The key to getting these desires is to use your MIND to attain them.  We have thousands of thoughts constantly going through our mind each day.  Out of these thoughts, how many of those do you think are negative, self-doubting thoughts?  When you start thinking about your fantasy world, you may hear that inner voice telling you all the reasons why it will never come into fruition.  The only way to erase these thoughts is to build your faith.  The opposite of faith is doubt. 
Faith, by definition, is the trust, hope and belief in the goodness or trustworthiness.  If you had 100% faith that you will obtain a particular desire, how much do you think that will increase your chances of getting that desire?  Everyone has heard the popular quote…”Walk by faith and not by sight”, but how many of us truly believe in that statement.   If you are a firm believer in that statement, next time you daydream, don’t let your mind tell you all the reasons you would never live that life, but start claiming that one day you WILL live that life.  Write down all the details of your ideal life just as you see them in your dreams.
If you have faith, you are halfway there.  Now that you have faith, you have to create plans on how to get it.  Now your initial plans make seem a little premature, but the more and more you build your faith and take action your plans will get better and better.  If you don’t know specifically what you want in life, pray and seek inspiration on a consistent basis until you receive that idea that is going to bring you your riches.  The idea will probably come to you as a “hunch”, but it is more than just that, it’ is a million dollar idea!  There is a smart and creative person in each one of use, you just have to tap into your full potential and allow our creator to lead you in the right direction.