Sunday, May 15, 2011

Desire + Faith + Action = Success

Before you start reading this blog, turn off “Dancing with the Stars”, tell Willie and em’ to be quiet, and go to a quiet place to meditate.  Oh yeah, bring a pencil and paper and an open mind.
Now that I have your undivided attention, think about that one thing in life that you desire most.  Rather it is to be happily married with children or you seek riches beyond your wildest dreams.  Now that you have came up with that one thing that you seek most out of life, write it down.  When you write it be exact and put a timeframe on it.  Don’t simply say…”I want to be rich”.  Be more definite, say…”In five years hence, I wish to obtain $100,000, by starting my own business which will specialize in selling cars”.  I can hear that negative part of your brain saying...”There is no way in the world you will ever have $100,000 cash”.  For the young folks my age, this is what we call “hating”.  I bet you didn’t know you can hate on yourself!  Tell that side of your brain to shut up!  Right now you are not focusing on HOW you are going to get it; you are just claiming that you KNOW you are going to get it.  Who’s the say I can’t achieve what I desire most out of life??  We are blessed because we stay in a country that gives us the rights to be whatever we want.  Even more importantly, we were given the rights by our creator to have control over our mind to live our dreams.  I hear you saying. ..” Dre, I don’t even have $3000 in my bank account.”  If I was there, I would tell you to be quiet and stop making excuses.  Instead of telling me how you are lacking in financial resources, tell me how you are working to gain the technical capacity to open and run a car dealership in which you will have an abundance of financial resources. 
Congratulations!  You have taken the first step in achieving your dreams, but you aren’t through yet.  Now that you have your dreams in writing, you have to commit to visiting them each and every day.  Put them somewhere that is visible.  Personally, I put mine on my bathroom mirror so I can visit them when I wake up and when I go to sleep at night.  Twice a day you should read OUT LOUD your goals.  When you recite them, put some emotion behind it.  I bet if you were to win a million dollars, you wouldn’t accept the check with a nonchalant manner.  You will probably receive the check reaping with joy.  There isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t accept the dream that God has placed in your heart with the same emotions.  You should be happy!  Say your dreams with conviction.  Say them like you already have them in your possession.  It may feel a little strange at first and your spouse maybe looking at you like you are crazy, but over time you will become more comfortable and your spouse will come onboard once they see the supernatural things taking place in your life.  Guess what you are doing - You are building your faith.  As your fatih builds, you will notice supernatural focres gradually gravitating to you that will help you achieve your goal.   Through prayer and the reaffirmation of stating your goals, your faith will grow stronger and stronger to the point you may go to the bank and try to write a $50,000 check and you only have $2,000 in your bank account…lol.
Okay!  Now we know what we desire most in life and we have the faith to chase these dreams, what’s next??  This may sound a little cheesy, but instead of us saying “It’s GAMETIME” we are going to say “It’s ACTIONTIME”.  Put some action behind that faith.  If you know that you want to get married and you haven’t had any luck finding a spouse, stop make excuses saying that there aren’t any good men/women left.  Stop saying you can’t find a man that can deal with my strong personality.  If you know you have flaws that are unattractive, don’t say ridiculous comments like..”Well my man is just going to have to deal with my domineering personality”.  If you have this mentality, I have some good news and some bad news for you – The good news is that there are a plethora of good guys that can potentially be your husband in this world, the bad news is that they won’t be available for you because they were already scooped up by that humble girl that admits that she has flaws and are working to correct them.  If you want a promotion, stop doing the norm, but go the extra mile.  In whatever desire you wish to attain, work to achieve it.  Don’t procrastinate.  Stop making excuses.  Like Nike says…”Just Do It!”  No one is going to hand you anything!   You are the master of your earthly destiny.   Just don’t use your head for getting your hair done every week, but use it to tap into your full potential of achieving your dreams!
Like always I will leave you with a quote from a wise man…”Success comes to those who become success conscious.  Failure comes to those who indifferently allow themselves to become failure conscious”…Napoleon Hill