Thursday, June 9, 2011

6 Reasons Why People Fail

For the past year, I have been avidly studying the subject of goal attainment.  I have read many books from great philosophers such as Napoleon Hill to great preachers such as Joel Osteen.  In my studying, I have noticed authors highlighting the same few reasons why people fail.  If you haven’t suffered from at least all six reasons listed below, I guarantee that you have suffered from at least one.  This blog is not to come down or belittle anyone, but it should serve as an awareness tool so you can pinpoint which areas need improving.  The only way to improve anything is to first know what the problem is and then come up with a plan to fix it. 
1.  Fear
Fear is probably the most popular reason why people fail.  “I am not smart enough…I am not pretty enough…I don’t have enough money.”  How many of us have had these belittling thoughts plague our minds before?    You have to learn to block these types of thoughts out your mind.  They are detrimental to your success.  If you desire to accomplish a goal bad enough, your desire to succeed should block these thoughts.  Positive and negative thoughts can’t be in your mind at the same time, so when striving for your dreams, which one do you think will help you out the most?  Learning how to harness your mind will take some practice, but the more and more you learn to control it the easier it becomes to manage what comes in and out.  Once you master your thoughts, there isn’t anything on God’s green earth that can stop you!
2.  Lacking Motivation
Motivation is the driving force in achieving your dreams.  If you lack motivation, the success rate of you achieving your dreams is very low.  You may have dealt with defeats in the past or had harsh upbringings.  These factors affect your motivation level.  You have to learn to overcome these barriers.  No one is perfect.   Don’t let the past tarnish your future.   The only way you can build up your motivation is to constantly visit your dream and remind yourself that you WILL accomplish it.  A great tool to use is to read motivational books or blogs to keep your passion burning.  This will help you out tremendously!  When you believe in your heart that you will succeed, your motivation level will go through the roof.
3.  Indecisive
You have to commit yourself to a specific dream or goal.  Its human nature to be indecisive from time to time, but being too indecisive will delay you accomplishing your dream.  Your dream or goal should be something that will give you great self gratitude, whether riches are involved or not.  I know you heard the saying that it’s not work if you are passionate about your job.  In order to make plans to accomplish your dream, you first need to know what you are seeking.  What is that one thing that you always think about or wish you had?  I have some good news for you; it can be yours if you commit yourself to getting it!

4.  Inaction
“I am going to work out next week…I will write my business plan tomorrow…I will go back to school when I free up some time.”  We all are aware of these statements. I wish procrastination was a word that was never invented.  Tomorrow turns into next week, next week turns into next month, next month turns into next year, and the ball keeps rolling.  Have you ever heard the phrase…”Party like there is no tomorrow.”  Well think about your dreams the same way.  Take action like there is no tomorrow.  If you want to go back to school, make a decision to go back to school NOW because tomorrow isn’t promise.  I live my life with the end in mind.  At my funeral, I want my loves ones to share how I was an ambition individual who always sought after living an abundant life.  Get some action behind that dream and make it happen!
5.  Lacking Persistence
When face with obstacles, typically we want to throw in the towel and give up.  Well as Dream Chasers, this is against our values.  We will NEVER give up.  We will hold our head up through the ups and downs.  If I was to ask if you wanted a $100 bill, would you want it?  What if I crumpled up the $100 and threw it on the ground, would you still want it?  If you are like me the answer is probably yes.  The value of the $100 hasn’t changed has it?  So why when we make mistakes or when we TEMPORARILY get defeated we think our value has changed?  We think we aren’t smart enough or we aren’t strong enough. The good thing about being God’s children is that our inner potential will never be taken away.  Our value hasn’t change a tad bit if we make a mistake or get defeated.  You should be grateful for mistakes.  Experience is your best teacher.  When you make a mistake or suffer a setback, don’t get discouraged but learn from the experience and create a solution so next time you will succeed. I don’t care how many setbacks you have had in life.  If you continue to strive for excellence, eventually your life of abundance will come!
6.  No Plans
When the Empire State Building was built, do you think the construction workers just started the construction with no architectural plans?  Imagine the catastrophe if they had.   When going for a dream, ALWAYS have a plan.  Initially, a lot of people get bogged down because they get overwhelmed thinking they have to put together a 30 page business plan.  This is far from the truth.  You initial plan can be however long you wish.  By putting together ANY plan, you are taking the first step of faith.  This makes God smile.  With God smiling, how much do you think your chances of accomplishing your dream increases?  As you follow your plan diligently, all the blanks will be filled.  I want to build a multi-million dollar real estate empire.  Do you think I am worried about every single detail involved with accomplishing such a feat?  My business partner and I have created a plan in which we used our scope of knowledge.  We know as we continue to educate ourselves and gain more experience everything else will fall into play.  Take that first step of faith and put a WRITTEN plan together.
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